We are privileged to have an on-site laboratory. This laboratory is equipped to analyze blood samples for basic equine panels. This lab is paramount in allowing a rapid turnaround from the time blood is drawn to the time the veterinarian has the results in hand. This immediate service allows the clinician to form the best treatment plan for the patient without the delay required when sending samples to off-site laboratories. Besides processing standard blood samples, our lab is USDA approved for conducting the test for EIA (Equine Infectious Anemia), better known as the ‘coggins’ test. We are capable of processing samples submitted with a paper form or with an online form through global vet link. Standard results are given within 48 hours of submission for the typical AGID test. If immediate results are needed, this is done with a STAT ELISA test which will yield results in approximately 90 minutes.


  • Complete blood count with fibrinogen
  • Serum chemistry
  • T4 (snap test)
  • IgG (snap test)
  • Coggins
  • Fecal exams
  • Semen analysis

Exam Room

Our exam room is an indoor climate controlled room with stocks. It is our primary working area when conducting reproduction examinations and procedures.


Two block barns are present, one 24 stall barn for mares and a second 6 stall barn for stallions. All stalls are 12×12 in size and have an automatic fly spray system and fans in each stall.

Semen Laboratory

After semen is collected, it is taken to the laboratory and processed. Semen can be evaluated for total sperm number, total and progressive motility, and morphology. Centrifugation can be used to improve seminal characteristics on some stallions. We are approved by the USDA to be an international semen freezing center. Stallions can be quarantined in the stallion barn while testing is performed according to the regulations of the country of export. Once completed, semen can then be frozen for future international shipment.

Breeding Shed

We have a covered breeding shed with an adjustable phantom. We have a tease mare available at all times so that semen can be collected on any given day. Phantom training for novice stallions is available.

Semen Storage

The ERCCF has been approved by the USDA as an international semen storage center for frozen semen. As such, we have the capabilities of storing semen that is approved for future international shipment. Semen that is frozen at our facility can be stored for domestic shipment as well.